How does this work?

Have a squiz through our uber chic range, fall in-love (again) and do some online shopping in your own time.

Once your order comes in, we will check all the info is there and what we need to start designing your perfect invitation suite. 

You’ll receive a digital concept within 3 days with all the pieces laid out together and mocked up so you can visualise the design. Here is where you let us know if any changes are needed to the copy.

Once you approve the concept, we prep the final artwork for final approval. This is where you check all details are correct and if all good, we then send it off to print. Allow approximately 3-4 weeks for most items (metal, letterpress and foil may take longer).

Once your stationery is ready it will be packaged neatly and shipped to your delivery address or you may arrange to pick up from our studio in Melbourne.

Does your pricing include envelopes?

No, our pricing does not include envelopes and require you to purchase them separately from our site.

Our RSVP cards are a postcard style so do not come with an envelope unless you specifically order one that requires one in which it will be quoted to you for the addition. We much prefer to personalise your envelopes with guest names so you have the option to add this extra.

What is the minimum qty required?

Because of the nature of the substrates we print on, the minimum order is 40 for invitations and the price per unit decreases the more quantity you add.

How many invitations should I order?

You will ALWAYS need more invitations than you think. We suggest you order at least 10-15 invitations more than what is on your invite list.

Any spares that don’t get used can always be a keepsake, let’s face it your mum is going to frame that thing. It can be very costly to order only a few at a later date (even if you only require a few) so you are best to order a good amount of spares for just in case scenarios.

Do I need to order all my stationery at the same time?

No you do not, but you can.

For Save the Date cards, we suggest you order these first as soon as you have set the date for your wedding and have locked in your venue.

For your invitations, we suggest mailing/handing them out at least 3-4 months before your special day. This would mean ordering your invitations 4-6 months before you want to post them to allow time for design and production.

For the ‘on the day’ stationery, depending on the substrate we need at least 1-4 weeks for design, printing and delivery.

You're more than welcome to place your order for all items so you are booked in the queue and then send relevant info as the date gets closer.

Is postage included?

Unfortunately, no it is not. However, we can guide you in how much it will cost as a rough estimate.

Our postage paid imprint can also be added to your order when you choose printed envelopes at no extra charge for the imprint. We will then supply you with a guideline on what you need to do from there. It’s so much neater and you can get real creative – forget those couple photo stamps – this is so much cooler.

is Rebel Reflect a real designer?

Uh ha you betcha! Rebel Reflect was conjured up when head designer JoJo left the corporate world as a Creative Director/Studio Manager. She loves to touch and feel, is inspired by architecture and loves to use her direct mail experience to bring invitations another element of design.

After 16 years in the print industry, we have spent years searching for the very best printers which are reasonably priced.

We don’t pretend we are the printer – we are simply designers who love typography and designing. Which means we are pretty picky when it comes to quality and our expectations.

Is there a showroom I can visit?

With most of our designs available online, there is no real need to meet face to face unless you’re a tangible person that needs to touch and feel. That’s ok too!

We encourage you to purchase a sample pack to view our high quality and finish and you should check out our insta for daily updates on new designs, stationery and concepts. This gives you a great in-sight into what we are all about.

Can I place an order if I'm overseas?

Absolutely, though Rebel Reflect is based in Melbourne, Australia, we sure want our goods to travel the world. All prices are in Australian dollars and shipping can be expensive from this side of the world. We encourage if you can to purchase your save the dates and invitations at the same time and pay 1 shipping fee.

Making Changes

Paper colour and changes

We’ll go through paper and envelope options with you at the time of concepting, then you will make your final selection on confirming your order. Unfortunately, once an order has been placed we are unable to accommodate new change requests to your paper or envelope

Changes to designs

All of our designs can be tailored to suit your colour scheme and match your wedding. Simply tell us the colour palette you are after and we can make suggestions and show you some reference images to help you make your decisions.

What type of card do you use for printing?

The higher the gsm, the thicker the stock. We have an extensive array of paper available which range from 270-300gsm, which is the standard for card thickness.

In regards to letterpress, we like to produce our invitations on 600gsm cotton white or ivory and the rest of the elements on 300gsm.

Embossing works best on 300gsm. We find when duplexing it to make it thicker, you start to lose some of the impression.


Your approval in writing via email acts as final approval of the designs exactly as they appear within the Digital Proof. Changes requested beyond this point will incur reprinting fees.

It is important to note that it is your responsibility to check the artwork and ensure it meets your requirements. Please take the time to check all the steps outlined below carefully. We are not responsible for mistakes that might occur after the proof is received. If your artwork
needs to be changed, please specify those changes to us via email and the process will be repeated until the proof(s) attached are final.

• Spelling and grammar

• Dates

• Punctuation

• Contact details including names, telephone numbers, email address

• Colour – please bear in mind that there are bound to be some differences between the proof and the completed job. We cannot guarantee the colour variation unless printing in spot colours.

• Images – We reduce the file size for easier transferring via email. Please be aware that they are not set up for print, they may appear at a lower resolution.

If you are satisfied with the details, please send the proof back with the word APPROVED via the same email to commence production.

If there are errors discovered within the text after the digital proof has been approved, Rebel Reflect will revise the design without charge, however the customer will be responsible for the re-printing of the printed material at a  discounted rate of the original cost of the item(s).

We’re only human – if final prints do not match the designed content represented in the Digital Proof that has been approved, we will offer a reprint of the order free of charge and without rush fees to remedy these errors.

Customising designs

All of our collections have been designed with fonts that work well with the style of design and graphic details. The design phase is there for you to visualise and get a feel for your event stationery.

We are more than happy to try different colour concepts if you have something else in mind.

Bespoke Designs

Love your style, can you do custom?

If you love our style of design, then we want to hear from you!

Simply fill in our custom form and send us any info, colours, pinterest boards, screengrabs etc in an email and we will contact you with an idea’s breakdown with some different options. Please email us for a quote with your ideas. You will pay an agreed custom design fee and then the cost of printing your invitations on top of that, which will be outlined in the quote. The world is your oyster, as they say.

Our custom service is for couples who want something completely different and unique to them.

How does it work?

Our custom service is for clients who want something different and within the style that Rebel Reflect is renowned for. It may be that you want to reflect your wedding styling closely in the stationery, or you have a particular idea in mind that you want us to bring to life.

The process starts with a consultation over the phone or in person. We discuss what you’re looking to achieve with your wedding stationery and styling, which allows us to put together a quote. We ask you to send a pinterest board of what catches your eye so we can get into your head and be sure we are on the same path.

Once the quote is approved and payment paid, we get started on creating your dream stationery.

We then design an invite which matches this look and feel and allow 3 x rounds of changes to the artwork. Once finalised, we then we roll out the look and feel across all your stationery pieces.

We will make suggestions in regards to printing process to give you the desired effect. If any changes you make affect the price we originally quoted, we will notify you before commencing. Unfortunately with the nature of being custom, this can affect the final price.